Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

Just a few days ago, but it brought back so many emotions for both Tom and I. I cried and prayed a lot that day and tried to make it special for him. I know that Tom wished he could have had the chance to BE dad to Caden. Even though Caden is in the best hands ever, he still wishes he could have taken him outside and shot hoops with him or taught him how to swing his first baseball bat, or even just had time to go out and explore nature and the bugs and creepy crawly creatures around the yard. We spent the day just mostly remembering Caden and the whole experience and the hospital visit and where we were almost 2 years ago at this time and anticipating his arrival. It seems like just yesterday for us, but then again seems so long ago b/c the road we have walked has been so long & hard. We never thought God would lead us through so much change and yet still give us peace that He Is In Control NO MATTER WHAT!!!

I tried to make the day special for Tom by getting breakfast for him. He was very surprised b/c lately I don't get up that early to go out and bring home a special breakfast just for him. He mostly just wanted the day to be over with. So we spent a lot of time together outside some pulling weeds from our memorial garden and just resting in God's plans for our future and a little one who is to come soon. I know that Tom will have his chance to be a great dad to this little coming in October, and he will see everyday how Caden is the best big brother b/c he is watching out for him or her everyday. We don't know why things happen the way they do, but God has a plan to give us a hope. Our hope is in His eternal love for us and Caden has gotten to fully experience that love first hand. We miss you Caden and wait for the day that we can see you again, but until that day you will forever be in our hearts and in our family.


Holly said...

Thank you for stopping by Carleigh's blog. I'm sorry that you lost Caden. He's such a sweet boy!!! Praying that God protects you and your new little one!

PamperingBeki said...

I've thought of you many times lately.

I hope this new pregnancy is going well. :)