Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Summer So Far...

It has been a while since I last updated you on what we've been doing. Not too much is happening right now. It is kind of nice to just enjoy the summer right now. We did take a trip with my side of the family to Ohio for kind of a family reunion b/c my great grandma Walker (my dad's grandma) was turning 96. That trip was a long road trip, but meeting some of my dad's relatives for the first time was really cool.

Here is my dad with my great grandma. It was her 96th birthday. She is kind of hard of hearing, but she is really feisty and fun. She kept getting confused about which one of my dad's kids I was, b/c the last time she saw me was when I was just starting to walk. But she remembered that my parents had a girl, but didn't quite remember that my brother was also born too. She kept thinking that we were the same person. So funny!!!

Here is my great grandma in the middle w/ the purple jacket. All around are her children that are still living. She had 10 kids all together, but these are the ones still here. My grandpa is the only son left living and all around him were his sisters. I can't remember all of their names, but the lady in the red shirt her name is Paulette and we were at her house for this reunion. I think that they all look alike.

Here is my family that I know the most. I am in the middle in the back. Tom is on my right and my youngest brother is on my left. My dad is standing in front of my brother and then my grandma and my cousin Mia.

We ate so much food!!!!! One of my dad's cousins (I think his name was Sonny) cooked all of the food on the grill- ribs, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers. You name it, we probably had it. There were about 70-80 people there. Such a fun time and what a great memory for great grandma. One of the things that Tom & I asked her was, "What is the secret to living a long life?" She told us that she just loves everyone. What a great attitude to have.

Well, as far as the rest of the summer goes, Tom is umpiring now a couple nights a week to earn a little extra $$ this summer, and I am basically just relaxing. I give myself at least one thing to do each day to feel a sense of accomplishment. I am trying to get some deep cleaning done before the baby comes. We will see how that goes. We did have another sonogram last week and everything was just great. I wasn't too worried, except that Tom thought he wasn't going to be able to go with me. I was wondering who would be available, as I didn't really want to go by myself. Doing that is still a little scary for me. So I called my mom, she works 2nd shift and thought maybe she could come before she had to go to work. She ended up not going to work at all and came and spent the day w/ me. That really meant a lot to me. Besides Tom and me, now my mom knows what the gender of the baby is. I think it was pretty cool for her to see that. She kept saying that technology has come a long way since I was born.

Anyway that's the latest on us. Check in again soon.


Amy said...

So are you going to be sharing the gender of this baby sometime???

PamperingBeki said...

You just relax, enjoy the summer, and keep cookin' that sweet baby!

Still praying for you.