Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Miles - 9 Months

I thought I'd take a little break from the updates.  I don't think that they will get updated too soon, but it's a work in progress. 

It's hard to believe that Miles is already 9 months old today.  He has been such a fun little big guy to watch.  So many new things have happened this month that it seemed to go by way to fast.  So here are some new adventures we've had with Miles over the month of April.

Crawling - When he decided that sitting was fun, he went from sitting up to rocking back and forth, to full fledge crawling.  Now he is all over the house and he won't be stopped!!!  We've had to familiarize ourselves with the whole baby proofing again.  My how you forget those things!!!  We've kept all the doors shut, and brought out the gate again.  Also I have moved some toys so that they are within reach for him, but not in a place where he can get hurt.  One thing that I'm so glad about is the awesome fireplace cover that my dad made after Jaycee had a fall.  That has been a lifesaver and has become a permanent fixture for us. 

Teeth - We noticed that there are maybe 4 teeth coming in.  This has not been so much fun (for all of us).  There have been several days where I just don't get anything done.  Miles really just wants his Mama a lot these days.  I'm reminding myself to soak it up and cherish those times.  I know that they will be gone in a flash.

Solid Foods - Now that Miles has teeth, solid foods have been making their way into his diet. I think he really likes it especially when he is eating when we are.  I do make my own baby food.  It started out as a way to save a little money in our budget, but I actually enjoy it.  It know what's in the food that he's eating and I feel more comfortable about it.  The food doesn't always have much flavor to it, but I'm still perfecting that.  Lately, I've been able to give Miles some small pieces of what we're having, but not too much. 
Sibling Fun -  Jaycee has really loved it that Miles is more active.  This means she has someone to play with.  One of Miles' favorite things to do is to read books, or rather slap at them.  Jaycee attempted to read to him, but he doesn't quite understand that the book isn't meant to be eaten and slapped at.  She also loves that he chases her when he crawls and that she can run at him and make him laugh really loud.   It's been fun!!!



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