Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two Months Old

It's hard to believe that it has already been two month with this little big guy.  Where has the time gone?  Life sure does move fast these days!!!!

Miles is developing his own personality each day and it has been fun to see new things he does almost everyday.  Here are a few that I have really stood out to me.  It is amazing how much I've forgotten since Jaycee was this age.

  • Cooing - Jaycee points out to me that he's talking to her.  I really think that he is too.
  • Smiling - He has been smiling at us and not just when he has GAS!!!  It's fun to watch.
  • Laughing - He's made a few loud noises that sounded like laughter, but I'm not exactly sure if that's what it was.  I know it wasn't crying.
  • Sleeping - He still sleeps a lot!!!  But he has been staying awake more often too.  It is fun to see him explore the world.  One thing that is important is that he is sleeping mostly through the night.  When I say that I mean that we put him to bed around 11:00pm and he wakes up between 5:00-6:00 am.  This seems so great to me, but then I have to remember that Jaycee did the same thing.  It was about this time that I went back to work after she was born, so Miles is picking up on that too, even though I'm not going back to work or anything. 
  • Hungry - It seems like ever since he was born, he has had a healthy appetite.  He has no problems eating at all.  He gets really upset and is the most agitated and unsettled when I can't get him fed fast enough.  Sometimes I guess I just don't move fast enough for him.  This is the time when he is not like himself.  Usually he is pretty mellow and laid back, but when he's hungry, WATCH OUT!!!  He'll make your ears bleed.

Life with two young kids has been quite the adjustment, but it is getting a little easier, or maybe I'm getting used to things as a new normal for us.  I really think that God is teaching all of us a lot about each other and also a lot about patience.  So many lessons have been learned and are still yet to learn about life and being a family of four.  I know God is using these adjusting times to help us grow as a family and learn more about each other and about God.

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