Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's About Time ...

"The Baby Miles," as he is often called by Jaycee and her little friends, has been a huge blessing to our lives.  He is one pretty great little guy!!!  This post is going to have lots of pictures mainly from shortly after he was born.  It's about time that I got them to you right?  Anyways, since I have some time while he sleeps, I thought that I'd get organized and post these pictures for you to see and share some fun things that are happening around here lately.

Instead of writing a long, long, super long paragraph (which I tend to do) about our family these days, I thought I just list off several highlights over the past several weeks with "The Baby Miles". 

Family Highlights
  • Terrible Threes
  • Poop
  • Smiling
  • Gas
  • Onesies
  • More poop
  • Nursing (???)
  • Walks
  • Double Stroller
  • More poop
  • Consignment Sales
  • Lots of visitors
  • Diapers (Thanks to those of you who brought these for us.  You knew we needed them!!!)
  • Still more poop
  • Surprise Party (I will post more about this later.)
  • Getting used to a diaper bag again
  • BSF - Bible Study Fellowship  started (more on this in another post)
  • Breakfast - What's this?  I don't get much time for it, a granola bar has had to suffice these days.
  • Quiet / Rest time tubs for Jaycee
  • Nap time going away
  • Discovered the Little House on the Prairie Channel
  • Kid's Day Out
  • New Grill
  • Decorating the kids' rooms
  • Swaddling (our saving grace when we got home)
  • Meals (Thanks to all of you who brought us food.  It was all delicious and our waistlines show it. Ha ha!!)
  • Sleep??? (I forgot how much we don't get, but Miles is worth it and he goes back to sleep quickly most of the time.)
  • Bottles
  • Dr. Appointments - He gained a lot of weight that first month.
  • More poop
I have several stories to share about the poop, but they are probably best told in person.  Enjoy the pictures!!!

 All of the above pictures were taken at the hospital the day after he was born.  My how things have changed in a couple of months!!!

These next pictures were taken by a new friend that I have gotten to know a lot better.  She is a Thirty-One consultant too.  She actually has helped me a lot when I have been in a slump.  Her husband is a wonderful photographer in his spare time, and they offered to take newborn pictures a few days after Miles was born.  You will see that his first reaction to getting his picture taken was not a great one, but another week sure made a huge difference.  Enjoy!!!

Not having it!!!

That's better.

I think I see a smile maybe!!!

Jaycee fell in love with him.  So cute!!!

Nothing like watching him sleep.  So peaceful.

The two kiddos!!!

Jaycee made this dog at Build A Bear with some friends who took her for a couple of hours and thought that it had to be in the pictures.

This one is so funny!!! 
It makes me want to say, "Power to the people!!"

Our new family

Father and Son

So sorry that it has taken me this long to get these posted.  I've been busy getting used to the dynamics of our new family, and we've had several events that I want to share so much, but a newborn and three year old don't leave me with much time to get on the computer.  So most of my posts will probably be late into the evenings when they are most likely asleep.  More on our lives to come soon.

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