Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One Month

So, I'm a little late in getting this post out.  On August 29th Miles was 1 month old.  It's hard to believe that our little boy is already 1 month old.  We've had lots of activity around here, along with lots of adjustments too.  Here's a little peak into our lives over the past month.

 So far, we have had to get used to many things.  Our family is still adjusting to a newborn again.  It seems so long ago that we used this whale bathtub.  I really think that Miles looks exactly like Jaycee did when she used this.  Right now, he isn't liking it too much, but hopefully that will change.

We have been experimenting with boy's clothes.  It is quite different shopping for a boy as opposed to a girl.  The selection isn't quite the same.  There are so many cute dresses for girls, but I have to adjust to looking for clothes that have cars, trucks, dinosaurs, dogs, and other animals.  I rarely can see an outfit for a boy that doesn't have something on it.  It is different for me, but it has also been fun.

Our entire family has been adjusting to a newborn.  Jaycee has also had some issues too.  I knew that they would probably come, but I thought that it would run its course and that would be that.  I never realized how hard it would be to help Jaycee adapt to not having all of the attention.  I also never realized how much her world would change and how she would react to that.  She has had a hard time listening and containing her excitement for all the newness in her life right now.  Don't get me wrong, she absolutely LOVES her baby brother.  She loves him so much that she wants to be in his face all the time.  She wants to quiet him down whenever he cries, and she wants to make sure that I know every time he moves, cries, or coos.  It is really great!!! 

But she has also really not had much attention from us as the baby is taking up more of our time and we don't have as much time for her.   So part of her trying to get our attention is shown below.  Her nighttime habits have thrown us for a loop these days.  While she was supposed to be asleep, we found this on the walls.  She decided to decorate her room on her own.  I guess that was partly my fault b/c I left the crayons in her room, but this was not something she had ever done before, and it really left me thinking what more can I do to discipline her and show her that her actions are not acceptable.  She has also gotten into my nail polish when she was to be sleeping and left a huge blob of it on the carpet.  I got most of it out, but there are still reminders from her painting endeavors.  She just never did these things before, and I have been praying, reading, asking advice, and wracking my brain for ideas to get her to behave and see the little girl that I'm used to.

This is her the next day.  We decided that instead of our usual Saturday morning rituals, she would spend her time cleaning the wall.  We got some Orange Goop (Tom's favorite cleaner that gets out pretty much everything) and some water and let her go to work at cleaning it up on her own.  She wasn't happy about it, but hopefully she will think twice next time she gets the urge to draw.

 We are getting used to all the new things in our lives.  It is taking time, more than I thought.  I think that in my head we would all just magically adjust to each other and everything would be great!!!  I think that I needed a little dose of reality.  So I am looking at what God can teach me through this adjustment period.  I have learned that I am figuring out how to be a mom all over again, that I have little to no patience when I don't get enough sleep, and that I need to give myself, Tom, and Jaycee more grace when things just don't go according to plans.  You'd think that I'd be used to plans changing, but God teaches me everyday how much I need Him and His wisdom to be a mom to these two incredible kids, and wife to Tom.  We will figure it out one of these day I'm sure.  Until then, I will keep looking for things that God wants me to learn from this period of my life.

Jaycee loves when she gets her time to hold Miles.

She loves to kiss him.

My three favorite people.

We've spent a lot of time at the park lately.  It is easy and doesn't take too much effort to go there and I can sit with the baby and let Jaycee play.  It also gives her a chance to get out some of her energy!!!

More Jaycee and Miles time.

I think he is getting used to her.

Even if he is unhappy, she still loves to try to help take care of him and hold him.  I'm so glad she likes him.

Our friend Lisa came over with her new baby who is 4 days older than Miles and those two sweet babies decided to sleep at the same time.
 The rest of these pictures are when we had some play time on the floor today.  Miles is starting to like his play time.  It doesn't last long before he is ready to move onto something else, but we had a little time to play and get out the baby toys.  I thought these two were pretty cute this afternoon, and decided to get some pictures of my two kiddos.

A little tummy time.


Loving to spread out and stretch among all the toys.

Big Sister teaching little brother how to play with the toys.

I've seen a picture like this on Pinterest and always wanted to take one of my kids. 
 This is how it turned out for me.
Well, now you've seen what we've been up to over the last month or so.  I haven't had much time to blog regularly, but I will continue to give updates of our family.
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