Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Few Things ...

Our lives have been a little random these days.  It has consisted of basically living life and preparing for the summer.  This summer has a lot in store for us, and we are trying to prepare for it, while not getting too much ahead of ourselves.  I have a hard time preparing for things for fear that it will all be for nothing, but then I start to remember that God is in control and that hope helps me see that He has a plan for whatever is in store for my future whether it is how I want it to go or not.  So I just need to keep praying and trust in God's plans for me and my family, whatever that may be.

Here are a few random things that we managed to take pictures of in the last couple of weeks.  Enjoy!!!

Tom started to put together a portfolio of projects that he has worked on over the years.  He has several reasons for this, but it was fun to see these things he's made over the 15 years we've been together.  I can't believe that we've been together that long, but 15 years ago this month was when we went on our first date. 

Originally a make up desk he made for me when I was still in college.
He also made the jewelry box on top.
A bench that sits at the foot of our bed.  We store blankets and extra pillows underneath and put our shoes on while we sit on this bench.  My dad let us use some extra leather he had in his shop.

Small bookshelf.  Now it holds all of the books that Jaycee has received over the years.

Entertainment Center.  He made this a year after we were married.  It is custom made and fit our TV we had at the time, but now it is storage for DVDs and Jaycee's toys.

Coffee table that Tom made for his dad.  While he was cleaning out his dad's house he found this that he made many years ago.  It has now made it's way back to him.

Corner shelf.  We have two of these for pictures and other stuff.  This has been great to have.

End table.  For a long time we used this to hold a small TV, but now we have some plants on it and phone books that we don't really use anymore, it also has a place for storage underneath.

Tall bookshelf.  This has a lot of books that I read. 

I was playing downstairs in the basement with Jaycee when she wanted to play with some sock puppets we had made a while ago.  She also pulled out some lacing animals that I bought at the dollar store a long time ago.  I originally thought they'd be good for helping with lacing and fine motor activities.  I got the idea to attach a popsicle stick to the back of each one and then use them as puppets too.  It was a very cheap and easy puppet that I could make with stuff I had around the house.  Here are the results of our puppet show from the other day.

Lacing animals that I found at the dollar store and popsicle sticks attached to the back with tape make good puppets.

Of course the cars have to be included in the puppet show.

Posing for the picture. She loves the camera.

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