Saturday, April 13, 2013

Date Night - Newsboys Concert

Last weekend, Tom and I got the chance to see the Newsboys.  I first became a fan of the Newsboys in high school when I went on a teen youth conference in Arizona.  I had no idea who they were, but I loved their music and it had an impact on my walk with God.  I am always amazed at how God uses all types of music to attract and touch the lives of people all over. 

Well, high school was a long time ago for me (I won't say how long), but the Newsboys are still around all these years later.  They actually have a new lead singer who also used to be part of the group DC Talk.  Which is another one of my favorite groups I listened to in high school.  I still love listening to them too.  I have even gotten my daughter and husband loving listening to them too. 

A few months ago, we heard that the Newsboys were going to be having a concert at our church.  I told Tom that I would love to go to the concert for my birthday.  Later on about a month later, Tom received an email saying that the church needed help with the concert.  Most of the help was for loading and unloading equipment for the band and helping them set it up for the concert.  Since I'm almost 5 months pregnant, I didn't think that would be such a good idea, but then their was another email saying they needed runners to help transport the crews and bands to different places such as hotels, restaurants, etc.  I thought that I could definitely drive a church van.  So I called and thought it was a long shot and that there were already people signed up to do this.  Well, what do you know I got a call and was going to be "on call" for most of the day.

At first my experience was kind of dull.  The bus got in early in the morning, and the crews and bands were all sleeping in their fancy buses.  Eventually they needed help pushing some carts of things into the church and then needed some errands run.  I was glad to do whatever they needed.  The stage manager was this really nice man with an Austrailian accent.  He was the person in charge.  I ran him to his hotel and then he had a couple of errands for me to get some things from the mall.  The lead singer for the Newsboys needed some shirts and I got to meet him and figure out what type of shirts he was wanting and then he gave me his card to buy them.  I was thrilled and excited.  While driving to the mall, I kept thinking that I better not lose the card.  When I returned I delivered the shirts to him and talked with him for a short while, he was very appreciative and down to earth.  Later on, I was just waiting for other errands to run while the bands were doing sound checks.  The band members are really down to earth and normal people.  It was a lot of fun to see a band that I have followed for such a long time.

One of the perks for volunteering my time was that I received free tickets for the concert.  Some friends of ours who are expecting a baby later this year, volunteered to watch Jaycee for us for the night.  So Tom and I got ready and headed to the concert.  There were in total four bands that played that night.  We found some great seats that are where very close to where we sit normally on Sundays for church and we noticed that a lot of families were there too.  It was a very family friendly concert.  I think mainly because the Newsboys are older and have families of their own, their concert isn't just for teens anymore. 

There was a huge screen with different things scrolling across it.  This was the first sight we saw.

There were in total 4 different bands at the concert.  Here is Britt Nicole.  She was a lot of fun and sounded really great live.

When the Newsboys finally started playing, the room went black and then the drummer was highlighted.  This guy was hilarious.  He had a lot of energy!!!

Here is the lead singer Michael Tait.  He used to sing with DC Talk, which was a group that I loved in high school and college.

There was a little preaching before some of their songs, and some great testimony.


At one point in the concert, they did some of the old Newsboys songs from years ago, along with their own rendition of Jesus Freak which was originally sung by DC Talk.  This part of the concert was my favorite b/c the drummer's stand started to lift up and then eventually it spun around as you will see in the following pictures.

Pretty Cool!!!!

A picture can't capture how cool this was.

This was one of the most fun concerts that I have been to in a long time.  I hope that they will come back again next year.  I think that I will try to bring Jaycee with us.  She would have loved this concert.  Since then, I bought two CDs and she has been wanting me to play them all the time at home and in the car.

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