Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oh The Madness

I don't know about you, but March has been crazy around here.  We have been really watching basketball a lot around here.  Between Tom and me, Jaycee was sort of doomed to know more about basketball than most three year olds.  She is a trooper though.  She knows when the Jayhawks and Shockers are playing.  And since we don't have cable, we went to Pacific Coast Pizza one night to watch an early game.  She was chiming in and cheering with us for KU, she even got the people around us to high five her and she would cheer "He made it!!!" when they would hit their free throws or other shots.

This year, I was very excited to fill out my bracket and compete against Tom.  We've been married for almost 12 years now and every year it's the same thing.  I compete against him to see who has made the better picks.  Mainly I just like having the bragging rights.  Sometimes I have a system, but other times I just like their jerseys or like one player on the team.  Other times I pick teams to lose because I don't like one player on the team.  I really have no special way of picking my teams.  I am always hopeful for my Jayhawks, but some years I have to face the fact that they just don't have the strongest team.

Right now this is how my bracket looks. 

Notice all of the teams that I've crossed out.  That means that I didn't do too well picking which teams would advance.  I'd like to say that there's a science to how I pick, but mostly I just picked teams that I knew something about and ones that I would compare with WSU and KU.  I didn't do too well this year.  But I am really excited that WSU has made it to the Final Four.  I have no other ties to the school except that I live there.  It makes me proud to see a team from my city in the Final Four.

Now that March is over, the madness is coming to an end, but I hope that your brackets look better than mine!!!  So excited to watch the games this coming weekend.

the Ehrlichs

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