Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Photographer

I think we have a little photographer on our hands.  I have been using the camera a lot this month so far, maybe since I realized that I only took two photos in January.  I guess our lives really weren't that exciting in January, or at least I didn't have my camera with me then.  Anyways, Jaycee discovered where I keep my camera and has always loved getting her picture taken.  When I'm done taking her picture, she has been asking to see the screen of what I took.  That is something new.  Well, I left the camera out within her reach and wasn't really paying attention to her when I heard a click and saw a flash.  It was then that I realized that she had taken a couple of pictures.  They weren't of anything, and I deleted them to save space on the memory card.  Since then, she has decided that she wants to take more pictures and I thought "Oh well, let's just see how she does."  So with a little guidance, like telling her that what she wanted to take a picture of needed to be seen in the window below, she started taking lots and lots of pictures when I'm not paying much attention, mostly at night when I'm cooking dinner and Tom isn't home yet.  So here is a wide range of her photographic talents up to this point.  Just so you know, I deleted most of them, but left a few fun ones to show what the world looks like from a three year old's point of view.  Enjoy!!!

I must have been finishing up vacuuming.

The kitchen and Menards bear.  The bear sings and Jaycee only plays with it on special occasions.  I guess it was a great photo worthy moment.

View from upstairs as Tom and I are putting coats away.  Man she is fast to get up there and take that picture.  I don't even think I remember her doing that.

The fridge must be fascinating.  This was when it was actually full of food. 

She likes her feet.  Today she was wearing green socks.

My thrift store dresser that holds a lot of fun activities we do around here like playdough, markers, crayons, paints, etc.

Our dog Mollie.  She likes to nap here even though I get on her for shedding on the furniture and having to spend a lot of extra time vacuuming this chair.  Oh well, she seems pretty content there.

Our wedding picture that sits on a corner shelf.  Not sure what was so fascinating about it.

Another picture of Mollie.  Jaycee loves Mollie and always wants her to play with her, I'm not sure that Mollie feels the same way though.  She just tolerates Jaycee and humors her at times like this.

I want to say that these pictures were all taken completely by the little girl below.  Maybe we have a photographer on our hands yet.  She is so much fun and is learning new things everyday!!!


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