Monday, July 23, 2012

Basement Update

Since coming back from our road trip to California, Tom has been hard at work on the basement.  The summer seems to be winding down faster and faster these days and he wants to be pretty much finished before school starts. 

I decided that Tom would be able to get things done a little quicker if I were to help him.  I held the peices of sheetrock up long enough so that he could put them onto the ceiling.  This is not my thing and I don't understand much about hanging drywall.  I also didn't realize that each peice of sheetrock weighs quite a lot. This made things pretty difficult and I could only do one sheet at a time and then needed to rest or at least take a couple of hours break before starting the next peice. This took a lot of patience on Tom's part to try to explain what he was wanting me to do and for me to understand it.  We mainly worked on it in the evenings after Jaycee went to bed.  With Tom's softball schedule and the sun not going down until around 9:00, our evenings were kind of short at times.  Here is some progress on this summer project that Tom is doing.  I am really proud of him, because he is so handy and can do these types of things himself, which is saving us a lot of money. 

He has been working really hard on the sheetrock.  We are only finishing one large room in the basement to kind of be a hang out area for Jaycee's toys (which have overtaken the house), and an entertainment area.

Here Tom is framing the one window that is in that room.

 Work on the ceiling and making sure that the lights and vents areas of the sheetrock are in the right place.


 Making room for tools and measuring out things and places that need to be cut out of the sheetrock.

 We have a little helper.  She loves this room and wants to help out so much.  I love that about her.  Her favorite thing is the safety goggles. 

 It was really hard to keep her away from "Daddy's Work Place".  She would ask me where is daddy, and I would say he is working.  She would open the door and yell down, "Daddy you done working?"  Love her helpful attitude.

 This project is coming along, but we still have a long ways to go.  I am so excited to get it done and move some things down there.  I am also ready to get my workout space back.  I will continue to keep you posted as to the progress as it happens.


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