Monday, February 20, 2012

Week In Review

This past week was quite busy.  At times it felt like I was watching myself as I went about my week.  It seemed like a huge blur.  Here are the hightlights from our incredibly busy week.

Bible Study

I hosted Bible study at my house this week.  We have been going through a book calle Mom and Loving It.  I also decided to lead the group, and I thought that we had some great discussion about the words that we use when talking to our families and kids.  We ended the night by making a name poster for our kids with words and pictures that reminded us of them.

Tom's Dad
We found out that Tom's dad was put in the hospital for pneumonia again.  For those of you that may not know, his dad has been in and out of the hospital for this same thing for the last couple of years.  This time it was pretty scary and all the family was called in b/c they didn't think that he would make it.  His health has been deteriorating for a while now, but he is still managing to hang on.  Tom feels that this has been a gradual process of losing his dad.  He hasn't been the same ever since.  But the family is all hanging in there.

Super Busy Work Week
I don't know about you, but this week couldn't have been any busier for me even if I tried.  My class has been trying to get ready for the dreaded state assessments, but it is slow going.  At this time of the year, life seems to be really busy anyways, but to top it off, my kids have been stir crazy and extremely chatty.  I have had to be meaner and dealing out more consequences this week than any other so far this year.  Also we are learning about money, and I am amazed at how difficult it is for my class to add and count money.  It is starting to get a little better, but I am at my whits end as to how to make teaching money more fun and hands on for them.

Experiencing God

At the beginning of January, Tom and I started going to a new Bible study called Powerhouse.  It is a family based Bible study of people of different ages with children.  They had just started the book Experiencing God.  I highly recommend it.  So far, it has made my relationship with God much deeper and personal.  I have learned so many things about myself and about trusting God with everything even the hard things that I always want to control and hold onto myself.  We have a ritual where we both go over that day's study on our own, and then at night after Jaycee is in bed, we talk about it together and share what we have learned.  There have been a lot of great conversations between Tom and me lately as a result of this.  So glad that we joined this group.

This is a support group that Tom and I used to go to shortly after we lost Caden.  I haven't been in quite a while since having Jaycee, simply b/c I have felt as if I am handling things pretty good these days.  I will admit I have my moments, but I have learned that it is ok when they come and to embrace them and learn what I need to from those moments.  One of the women that started this support group called me and asked me if I would come, b/c she had a women that she really wanted me to talk to.  While I have such a hard time meeting people as a result of losing a baby, I am glad to know that she felt as if I would be a good person to encourage and support someone else who is going through that too.  It makes me feel that I am not wasting the loss of Caden and his memory is living on.  I was able to share a lot about my experiences with some of the girls who right now are going through the same things that I went through.  It was nice to know that my story can help in a small way and let them know that it is OK to be different then you were before the loss.  I pray that God will direct me and my words to encourage someone else facing this terrible kind of grief.


We headed to Hutch for a book signing of one of our KU basketball players from last year, but realized that we had the wrong date.  Oh well, we got to see grandma and grandpa Walker and play on their Wii and see my dad's new shop and how it is coming together.  Sometimes I wish that I was as talented as my dad on that kind of thing.  He does amazing work and can take something that is outdated and ugly and make it look like brand new.  Someday I want to be able to do something like that too.

Women's Fair
On Sunday I headed to the Women's Fair in Wichita with my friend Meagan.  She got a couple of free tickets and we just went to hang out for a while without kids.  It was a great time to catch up with her and to just see all the different items out there for women.  We were able to score a couple of free massages.  I love a good massage!!!  We also saw lots of clothing, jewelry, and ideas for our kids.  Mostly I just wanted to get out of the house and enjoy spending time with my friend.

Now I am up late because I can be (no school tomorrow).  I hope that this next week will be a little slower paced.  I do plan on going thrift store shopping on my day off and Tom has agreed to go with me.  We aren't sure if we will take Jaycee, or have her go to the babysitter's for a couple of hours to play with them in the morning, but I am looking forward to my day off.


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