Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well, it's been a while since my last post.  I wish that I had a lot of things to update you on, but we really haven't done a whole lot lately.  So I will try to sum up the highlights from the last couple of weeks.

School has been quite busy for all of these days.  It is that busy time of year when testing is starting to be a major priority and pretty much is the focus until the end of March.  I wish that I could say it will get better, but I just don't foresee that happening anytime soon. 

We've really been trying to work on some of the goals that I shared in my last post.  Some things have been going great, and others are coming along much slower than I had hoped.  At least we are working on improving in different areas of our lives.

This is something that I want to do to not only help me feel better about myself, but to also encourage these habits in Jaycee too.  I have kept to my 5 days a week goal, but it has not been entirely how I envisioned it to be.  I am finding that it is OK that things don't go as I planned, but what is really important is that I am working on developing healthy exercise habits.  I'm always looking for some new ideas on exercising since I get bored with doing the same thing all the time.  For right now, I actually like what I am doing and it is getting better for me each day.  (I'll share more about it when I see how it is helping me.)

I'd like to say that I have given it up, but alas that hasn't happened.  I am cutting back and have said no alot especially during the week.  The weekends really get to me and I find myself splurging then.  I need to find a way to reward myself and not crave pop so much.  Ideas????  I wish that I could just completely give it up, but I'm not there yet.

Eating Habits
I am adding more fruits and veggies to my meals.  That is great, now I just need to watch portion sizes.  That may be more of a challenge for me.   I have noticed that when I eat a pretty fulfilling breakfast that I don't eat as much during the rest of the day.  I also am having to be mindful that I need to have a healthy snack to take along with me to work so that I don't get enticed by the food that people bring for special occasions at school.  I have yet to know other than a piece of fruit what is easy and healthy to bring with me.

Quiet Time & Sunday School
This has helped since Tom and I have started a new small group.  We are going through the Experiencing God Bible study series.  It has helped me make a conscious effort to read it daily and dig into God's word.  I like the accountability and really think that is what I have been missing.  This small group is couple of all ages with families, and is pretty small, but, since we go to such a huge church it is nice to find a small corner where we can get plugged in.  We have also enjoyed that Jaycee has a class that she can go to. 

Marriage & Family Stuff
I am still looking for cheap things to do in Wichita with my family.  If you have any ideas please share.  Tom and I put our marriage book on hold so that we could talk about our Bible study book after we have done the lesson on our own.  This is still a work in progress.  One really neat thing that we recently did is had a sort of date time after Jaycee went to bed and watched the movie Courageous.  This movie was made by the same people who made Fireproof and Facing the Giants.  If you haven't seen this movie, you really need to rent it.  We found it at the Redbox, so I guess you could say it was pretty cheap.  Make sure that you have tissues with you though.  I was on the edge of my seat most of the movie just waiting to see what would happen next.  A great movie on growing your family relationships.  I loved it!!!!

Other random things we've done are just hang out with my parents and play on their Wii.  This was a special treat for us.  We've got to get one someday, but until then we can just keep hanging out with my folks.  A really fun night, and we even set Jaycee up with baby Mii.  Such fun!!!  I will leave you with some pictures of the randomness of our lives right now.

She started eating regular cereal with milk and everything.  So glad grandma Walker gave this to her.

I was trying to catch her in the act of eating it, but she it too fast for me.

Mini princess board book set.  She got this from a friend of ours.  They are very well used.  She reads these pretty much daily, and even sits next to the dog and reads her little books to her.  I don't think that the dog is really amused by it, but she just lays there and takes it.

I got this book at a book fair my school had right before Christmas.  She has read it everyday since. 

So a new home improvement store moved into the neighborhood about a year ago.  Menard's is one of our favorite places.  It really saved us a lot of money this summer when we were trying to paint our house.  They have so much there that it can be overwhelming, but Tom made a run there with Jaycee and found this bear.  It sings the jingle from the store.  Jaycee is in love with this bear and has named it Menard.  She also has to bring her jayhawk with her most places too.  So they have a place inside the entertainment center together, until she decides to take them down.

the Ehrlichs

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