Sunday, January 8, 2012


Do you ever make new year's resolutions?  I have been one to do that and then I mess or miss doing my resolution and give up altogether.  That is such a defeating feeling.  So instead of resolutions I have decided that I will make goals for myself and my family.  They are kind of like resolutions, but instead of feeling defeated, I can know that I can always start fresh the next day.  So here they are...

1.   Exercise Habits - At least 5 times/ week.  Cardio and strength.  Find a time that works for me.
2.   Soda - I'd like to completely give it up, but I need to start slowly.  One/ week only.
3.   Healthy Eating Habits - Add more fruit and veggies into my meals.  Make healthier versions of my favorite meals.
4.   Pay of Debt - We have 3 things to pay off that will increase our financial freedom.  We hope to get two of them paid off before school ends.
5.   Quiet Time - Find a time that works for me and then read my Bible, journal, pray, and listen for God's voice among everything else.
6.   Marriage Building - We are currently reading a book together and need to apply what we have learned from it.
7.   Find new activities to do with Jaycee and as a family that don't cost much money.
8.   Organize my Home - pick a room at a time and go through things, what to trash and what to keep
9.    Find a SS class or small group.
10.   Be more intentional with my time.  Make it a point to use my time wisely at school, home, out, etc.

the Ehrlichs

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