Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 So Far...

So far 2012 has had us getting used to new adjustments at our house.  First, we have had to figure out how to make room in our house for all of our new toys.  The adult and kid toys.  I think that kid toys are starting to take over, but we are trying to organize one thing at a time.  It might be time to work on the basement.  It is just such a long and costly project, that we have put it off for too long and really have other goals in mind before we start that, but maybe it is time to just start.

This year also started with a new sitter for Jaycee.  It was a long and complicated process, and left me spending most of my Christmas break looking for someone new to watch Jaycee for the 4.5-5 hours that I work, in which most of that she sleeps.  I could go into details about what happened, but have just been trying to put it behind me and forgive.  That is not the easiest thing to do especially when it comes to your child. It cuts to the heart and leaves you questioning everything that you have ever believed or learned about parenting.  One thing I have learned though through this is that I hope that I will not be so judgemental of others and that we all raise and parent our kids the best way that we can.  In a nutshell, I was sent 4 pages worth of emails the last week of school telling me that Jaycee does not behave appropriately for her age, and that she would benefit more from full time care instead of going somewhere part time.  There were many other things, but I choose not to mention them, but I was convinced that Jaycee needed to see a Dr. or psychologist because apparently she was not appropriate for her age which is two.  I don't know much about 2 year olds, but I know that they love to test the boundaries, and we are seeing that fully, but able to give consequences and move on.  So we found someone new and are pretty anxious about it, but praying and trusting that God had a plan for us moving Jaycee to a new sitter. 

Work started out pretty slowly too.  We had a work day the first day back, so that was a good way to get back into the swing of things again.  Also, both of our students have been pretty good since coming back to school.  We hope that this isn't just a fluke.  But if it is we will deal with it.  I am really hitting some things hard for the next couple of months b/c soon we will have state assessments coming upon us soon.  Tom is adjusting to having a new schedule.  He no longer has plan time first thing, but rather at the end of the day, so he is leaving a little earlier than normal.

Other adjustments:  Took the side off of Jaycee's bed, which has made her going to bed process a little different.  Gone are the days when we just put her in bed and left.  Now we have to take her back to her bed when she gets out.  We do this repeatedly, but the consistency I hope will pay off soon.  We have been really trying hard to wear her out before she goes to bed so that she won't fight it much. 

We are going through a process of trying to reorganize things around the house to make room for the new things.  Mainly, our new laptop.  I like to be prepared to have a place for things that I get that are new, but I am being flexible and saving for things and prioritizing things. 

So, 2012 has been kind of just life back to some sense of normal.  I like that things have slowed down, and maybe we can just keep working on these new adjustments together as a family.  We hope that your year is getting off to a great start!!!!

the Ehrlichs 

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Amy said...

I'm sorry you have had daycare issues. That is no fun at all. I know. We've been there before. Happily, our daycare now is the best and was one of the best changes ever for our kids. I hope that you will be able to say the same someday. Hang in there. Miss seeing you!