Sunday, January 1, 2012

Froese Christmas

Every year, we get together at my grandma Froese's for the holidays.  My mom has 4 sisters and most of us cousins have starting having kids.  So it makes for quite the entertaining times.  There are several things that I remember and love about getting together at my grandma Froese's house.  Most of all I love that we can just hang out, play cards, or just sit around and watch football or whatever game happens to be on at the time.

This year, we got together again, but we did the Froese Christmas on New Year's Day.  One of the things that is so memorable about going there is that my grandparents (who are in their late 80s) are always cold.  This makes my grandpa who loves to stoke the fire and  add more and more wood all throughout the day.  What is really funny about this is that the rest of us are really hot!!!  We end up opening windows in the middle of winter while my grandpa adds yet another log on the fire.  You would think that we would have learned to dress in layers when going, but somehow we just forget about it.

This year, Jaycee's cousins were able to make it.  So my parents had all of their grandchildren to play with.  I think that they may have worn my parents out.  The adults were able to get some peace when a couple of the kiddos fell asleep (who knows how that happened with all the loud noises) and we played cards.   All in all it was a really nice and relaxing day.  Once again, instead of capturing life with pictures, I was getting involved with what was happening, so limited photos.  I really need to be a little better at capturing pictures when we do these things. 

 This is my mom with Jaycee and Ethan.  Jaycee and Ethan were eating dry cereal and Jaycee was trying to feed them to Ethan.  Those two are pretty funny together.

Eating more cereal.  It was so hard to get them all to look at me at the same time.  This was the best that I could get.

Hope that everyone had a great 2011 and we'll see ya in 2012!!!

the Ehrlichs

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