Monday, July 18, 2011


Well, it has been a while since I last posted.  Things have been super busy at our house, fun, but busy!!!  We have been painting maniacs (actually Tom is), then we decided that we needed a break from paint so we took our annual trip to a new state, we came home to some rather unpleasant weather, which led to our AC shutting down while we were away.  When we got home the house was so hot that we camped out in the basement.  More on that story later.  Then we noticed and were informed by our wonderful neighbors about a little turtle that seems to like our house.  More on that one later too.  But despite all that we have been having a lot of fun this summer and getting a lot of things done too.

Anyway, this post is about Tanganyika Wildlife Park.  We decided to go there one Friday morning when Tom wanted to take a break from painting.  This also gets another thing checked off our summer list, going to the zoo.  While this isn't exactly what I had in mind when I put zoo on our list, but it was actually even better.  The animals were so close, and we got to be a little more interactive with them.  We did not venture out to feed any of the animals (we're chickens), but we really like watching them in the morning when it wasn't quite so hot yet. 

This zoo is west of Wichita a ways.  You wouldn't even know it if you weren't looking for it. 
I love that there are a few really nice houses that sit in the country right before the entrance to it.

 This was one of the first animals we saw.  They are only seperated from us by a ditch, which isn't even very deep.We could have fed him, but we were chickens.

 Tom petting the mama kangaroo who just had a baby.  She was still a little protective of him/her, but the worker said it was fine to pet her.

 Jaycee absolutely loved the rabbits.  This is one of the better pics I got of her trying to pet one.
There was a fenced off area that they were in and she was just going from rabbit to rabbit trying to pet them.
I had a hard time getting picture though, b/c she kept turning her back to me.

 These penguins seemed to know that I had my camera out.  It looks like they were ready for that perfect pose.  They were pretty funny though.  They would dive in the water & slide up and pose for a picture.  I could have watched them for hours.

 These ducks were funny.  We could hear them from far away, & when we finally saw them, they were marching in a row just like this.  It's pretty crazy to me.

This was an albino crocodile.  It reminded me of a really funny story from a couple of years ago.Tom laughs at me all the time, b/c I thought that a crocodile had escaped from the zoo and made its way to our neighbor's yard, only to find out that it was a statue.  There is a whole lot more to this story, but I can share it
with you another time ask us about it the next time you see us.

 Pygmy goat.

Getting some shade. 
By the end of our trip, it started to get hot!!!

 More shade.  Ahhh!!!

These guys were so funny and outgoing that they needed their own island to get to them.

White Tigers
These were beautiful, and were the last thing that we saw on our way out of the park.

This was a really cool place to visit.  It was quiet and really interactive as much as it can be with wild animals.  I think that I probably would have liked it better if it wouldn't have gotten so hot by the end.  

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