Friday, July 1, 2011

Sunglasses, Menards, & A Turtle

This post is really what our lives have been like for the past couple of weeks.  I had on my summer list to blog more often, and then of course I get ideas and projects in my head and forget to blog for a while, but here I am trying to blog more and keep updated on our summer.  I know that the title is kind of random, but really that is what we have been doing.  Seriously!!!

I recently got my probably millionth pair of new sunglasses.  I tend to lose pretty much every pair that I get by the end of the summer.  It is probably a good thing that I don't spend much on them.  Surely you would think by now that I would learn.  Well, Jaycee has discovered my sunglasses and gets her little fingerprints all over them and when I put them on while I'm driving I wonder why everything looks so cloudy.  So I decided that she could use a pair of her own.  I really thought that I could find some really cheap at the dollar store, so just in case something happened to them at least it wouldn't be a big investment.  Well, I found this really cute pair at Target in the dollar section by the front door.  Gotta love the dollar section!!!  This was a great fit for her.  She doesn't keep them on long, but they sure are cute when she does.

This is a place that is getting to know us really well.  We decided that this summer we would give our house a good coat of paint.  When I say paint the house, I mean the outside.  What were we thinking?  Summer, paint, Kansas, hot!!!  Mostly, Tom has been tackling this project.  His goal is to be done by July 4th, so we can reward ourselves for all of his hardwork by taking a vacation.  Well, I think that we were a little over confident in what it really took to paint the outside of a house.  July 4th is only a couple days away, and there is still much to be done.  More on that later.  Well, Menards just opened up this past spring, really close to us (about 5 miles).  This is good because of this project and the stuff that we keep needing, it's super easy to hop on over there and get it.  But it can also be bad for us to just hop on over there all the time.  We have made many trips there for paint, brushes, paint, drop cloths, sprayer, more paint, and pretty much anything else you need to paint a house.  With the store being so new, we weren't quite sure what to expect, but their prices are good, and we already had success with our paito door, so why not with painting.  Here you see Jaycee riding along in one of those racecar shopping carts on yet another trip to Menards.
"Wow!!!  This is cool!!!" 

"Let's leave this store already." 

Besides being totally up to our eyeballs in paint, we have had a visitor try to bury himself/herself (not sure) in our yard.  This turtle made its way into our yard a few weeks ago and had buried itself into a hole in our yard.  Our dog, was going crazy and was about to drive me crazy when I looked out the window and saw this.  Tom took it to a little creek at the back of our housing addition & let it go there.

Well, a couple of weeks later.  He/She's back!!!  Mollie was barking so loud, that I thought she was going to wake everyone up in our culdesac.  I was about to put her in her crate, when Tom shouts at me to come outside.  And wouldn't you know it, this is what I saw.

Now, Jaycee has a book called Miles and Miles of Reptiles that she is totally obsessed with.  Sometimes I want to hide it so I don't have to read it AGAIN, but in there it talks about turtles and how they lay eggs and remember where they laid them and come back to that place.  I sure hope that this is the last we have seen of this turtle.  This time I took the turtle out to this alley where there is a lot of brush and bushes in the back of our addition.  I was a little scared of it, b/c I have heard that turtles bite.  And while I was taking it back, it peed all over my shovel.  It kinda grossed me out.

What an amazing summer we are having so far.


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