Monday, July 18, 2011

Utah Trip (Part 1)

So as I promised, I am writing this blog about our trip to Utah.  How did we come up with Utah you ask?  Well, it was really not anything brilliant, I wish that it was, but we / I literally looked at our map at home of the USA and saw that we hadn't been out west.  So I chose Utah.  After doing some research, I saw that there were some pretty cool things to do out there, and I have always wondered about the famous Salt Lake.

When to take the trip was the next big question.  With all of our refinancing our house, painting, many many many summer projects, softball, Bible study, etc.  We just didn't know when a good time to go would be.  We were planning on taking this trip after we/ Tom had finished painting the house, but we just realized that project was taking longer than we had originally anticipated.  So we just decided on a week that we didn't have stuff going on outside of ourselves and went.  Utah here we come!!!

Along the way, we stopped off in Denver, Colorado area.  There my cousin, aunt, & uncle live.  I just reconnected with them at my little brother's wedding, and they were so excited to have us come hang out with them for a couple of days on the way to Utah and on the way back.  I wish that we could have stayed longer, but that just means we have to visit again soon.

A couple of funny things about the trip to Utah.  Our stop over in Denver, was quite unique.  We went to my cousin's house and were greeted by her son and many of his friends b/c it was his 12th birthday.  Tom, Jaycee, and I were really worn out from driving all day and just wanted to relax.  Jaycee was a trooper in the backseat and we tried to keep her busy with books and such (I think I will get a DVD player next time).  We were talking and Jaycee just wanted to be up and down all night long.  Then as I went to pick her up, you will never believe what happened.  Barf!!!  That's right, Jaycee barfed all over me.  Gross!!!  She has never done anything like that so far.  But I guess there's a first time for everything.  We cleaned ourselves up and hung around just long enough for Nathaniel to blow out his birthday candles and open presents.  That was about all I could handle.  We headed back to our hotel, and Jaycee threw up on me 2 more times.  I could not figure out what was wrong with that girl.  What a way to start our trip.  We were beginning to think that maybe we should just go back home.  But Jaycee was acting fine and back to her normal self after that.

The next day, we were in store for more driving.  We decided to go through the mountains.  It was a beautiful drive, but I got absolutely no pics, since I was driving and everyone else was sleeping.  But take my word for it, the drive west through Colorado on I-70 is beautiful.  There are also a lot of really cool ski towns back through there if you ever think you might want to go skiing.

We finally made it!!!  The very first parts of Utah were not impressive at all.  We kept seeing exit signs, but they said "No Services."  Why would they make an exit if there was no service or anything there?  Beats me.  Well, Tom and Jaycee sure liked this rest stop we finally had to ask the lady working at the visitor's center if there was going to be a gas station anytime soon.

This was our first impression of Utah.  Very dry and dessert like.  But it wasn't hot.

As we started to see signs of civilization, we noticed that the mountains were getting bigger and prettier too.  Finally signs of life.  We were glad to see this.  Salt Lake City pretty much has mountains all around it.

Driving through the city was pretty fun.  We/ Tom found us a really nice hotel that had a kitchen in it.  I loved that, so that we could save some money by not going out for breakfast, and eating lunch there too, or eating dinner there whichever worked out best for that days activities.  It did help. 

 Tom is mapping out the next day's plans.

 One view from our hotel room

Another view from our hotel room.

Well, the adventure has just begun.  We were pretty tired by the end of the day, so we watched cable TV, since we don't have it at home and crashed.  All 3 of us.  We'll talk to you soon for part two of our trip.

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