Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Random Lives

I have been so behind on blogging that it's almost embarrassing.  You may be wondering what happened to us.  Well, we are still plugging along and doing life the best way we know how.  Many things came and went over the last couple of months that I thought I would just share some hilights.

The month of March was pretty busy for us.  Mira had state assessments that my third graders had to take.  I felt like my class was pretty well-prepared, but that time of year just gets to be really stressful and the atmosphere at school is pretty intense.  But I made it through that and headed into spring break on a positive note b/c my class did really well while testing.  I was so proud of them.

Once spring break hit, we really just took things as they came.  We decided that we needed to finally get a new patio door.  So we found one and Tom is going to recruit some help to put it in once the weather is nice for more than just a day.

Here Jaycee has found a new favorite in the house. 
She loves pushing buttons, and has found ways to make all kinds of wonderful music in the house.

 Here is grandpa Walker reading Jaycee a Halloween book.  It is one of her favorites. 
She loves books.

These next several pics are of things that Jaycee has found hours and hours of entertainment playing with.  Who knew there were so many toys just laying around the house.  She can have fun with just about anything these days.

 Jaycee and me.  Wish she wasn't crying for this pic.  She hasn't quite gotten the concept of posing for a picture down yet.

 Jaycee and some friends. 

 Jaycee loves reading anything.
Today she got to read the junk mail that we got.

 This last part is about what happens when you fall really hard and there is a fireplace in your way.  Below you will see what our fireplace used to look like and what it looks like now after the fall.  It was a normal ordinary night and Jaycee was playing with her toys.  She is usually pretty good about staying away from the fireplace, but she is just like me and loves to carry her blanket around with her.  Well, she was walking and tripped and fell and hit her head on the fireplace.  I yanked her up and saw that a lot of blood was spilling out from her head.  Mind you I wasn't thinking as clearly as I could have and didn't remember that whenever you get hit in the head, it bleeds A LOT!!!!  I took her to the kitchen and just patted away the blood, but it just wouldn't stop.  I was getting ready to go to the emergency room.  It is a good thing that I have a pretty calm husband who can handle those types of pressures.  He called the on-call dr. and she told us exactly what to do for Jaycee.  I was so afraid that Jaycee had a concussion or worse, but once the bleeding stopped, the cut wasn't as bad as I first thought.  We doused it with Neosporin and covered her head with a butterfly bandaid.  Since then, she still has a small scar, and hopefully with time it will gradually get less noticable, but it sure gave us a big scare.  Shortly after that I called my dad who can pretty much make anything. (At least that's what I think.)  I asked him if I could borrow some foam and material and come over sometime to make an edging so that doesn't happen again.  Well, he asked me for the measurements and a picture of our fireplace, and voila a cushion to put over the fireplace is born.  Now I don't have to hover and worry about Jaycee quite so much.

 Our fireplace pre-fall.

Our fireplace now.

Thanks for sticking with us even when I don't update for a while.  Look for more things to come soon.


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Melissa said...

Love the update! A few of my favorite things - Jaycee holding onto the dog's mouth, the amazing fireplace cover (we need one too!!), and the picture of storytime with Grandpa. Precious memories :)