Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yes, that is how old I am now.  Not starting my thirties, or just entering my thirties.  No, I am full blown in my thirties now.  Oh the joys of getting old.  I thought it would be fun to make a list of 33 things that I have done over my lifetime, but that might get to be too long of a list.  Then I thought that I might just tell you 33 things that I have done this year, but since I am getting older (ha ha) I might forget some things before I'm done writing them, I also thought I might share 33 things that you may not know about me, but I don't think there are that many.  So I think that I will start by telling you that this birthday was quite a surprise.

The day started off like any other.  I got up somewhat early, at least before Jaycee was up and read my Bible.  I have been reading Hebrews for the last month.  I got dressed and Jaycee and I began our regular routine.  I decided that I wanted to leave a little early today, because I was told that I might have something waiting for me at school.  Well, I didn't get to school any earlier, that is just how it goes sometimes.  Once I got to school, Tarrah, the teacher that I share my part time job with warned me that my class was so excited and wanted to surprise me.  I went into my classroom and it was totally decorated with balloons, streamers, and lots of things that the kids got for me.  Tarrah told me that I had to act surprised when she went to pick them up from PE.  I made myself scarce, and when I walked into the room, the lights were out, and I opened the door to lots of shouting of "Surprise!!!"  I was more surprised then ever.  I am a hard person to keep a surprise from.  I knew that they were going to do something, but not quite to that extreme.  They all each brought some kind of chocolate because they must have heard that I like it, and then we ate pizza. 

This is the card that my class of 3rd grader made for me. 
They all signed it and put some stuff on it that they know I like.  KU for example.

 Here is a basket of chocolate that they all brought for me.

 This was full of all kinds of chocolate and other candy that I love, but as the weekend went along, I decided to share some of my new treats with others.  It is not so full as it once was.

 Here is the card that Tom put on it to let me know he was thinking about me.

After trying to get them settled down for the day, we did a little Math and then watched a movie.  I always tell my class that the work comes first and if they didn't get it finished then we wouldn't get to watch very much of the movie.  That was a great motivator for them.  While my class was working, I got another surprise.  Tom had a gift basket of assorted treats that I like sent over to my school from Dillons.  He knows me so well.  I am not a huge flower person.  Don't get me wrong, I love flowers, but I just am not good about keeping them alive and looking beautiful for very long.  So he sent my favorite sweets over.  I was more than happy to share with my class since I had more than I think I can ever eat in a lifetime.  But I saved the best ones for myself.

Afterschool, I picked up Jaycee and met Tom at home.  When Tom got home, he told me to get myself ready and be thinking of where I wanted to go for my birthday.  Of course I was thinking of a place that would be kid-friendly so that Jaycee wouldn't be too much of a distraction.  He told me not to worry about that.  He got a babysitter (our good friend Angela and her daughter Calla) to come over and stay with Jaycee while we went out.  He also asked me what movie I wanted to see.  It has been so long since I actually went out to see a movie, that I had to call the movie line to see what was even out.

So onto our date.  It has been a while since it was just the two of us.  We went to eat at this new place down the street from our house Fizz.  They have the best burger that I have had in quite a while.  I also loved their sweet potato fries.  After being full from that, we went to see The Dilemma.  This was a really funny movie that had lots of twists and laughs.  It was a really fun and relaxing night.  That is mostly what I wanted for my birthday.  Just to enjoy being with my best friend, Tom and taking it easy. 

This is the restaurant that we went to Friday night. 
It's pretty quiet and quaint.  It will be wonderful when the weather is nicer to sit outside.

 No, I didn't take a picture of my food.  But this is one I found from their website and this is what I ordered.
By the way, if you like sweet potatoes, you'll love their new sweet potato fries.

It was a great 33rd birthday.



Amy said...

Wow! I'm impressed by your students! And I love that Tom sent you something he knew you would love, not what it "seems like" he should send (flowers). Glad you were able to enjoy your day!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you, Mira! 33 has been a good year for me. :) And I'm just about to turn 34 in a few weeks.