Saturday, April 23, 2011

Enjoying April

April has been an interesting month for us.  I love how the weather starts to get nice enough to spend outside, however, I hate how it really bother my family's allergies.  Tom gets the worst of it in our family. 

This April has been kind of different, b/c one day it will be 70 or more degrees and we are outside taking walks, running through the grass, and pulling weeds out of our yard.  The very next day, it will be below 60 degrees and we are cooped up inside, with overcast skies and wind that will blow your hair right off it you let it.  It has been a challenge for me, b/c I want to be doing stuff outside, but then it turns cold again.  So here are some ways that Jaycee decided to enjoy April. 

I love this outfit on her.  
Orange is a good color for her. 

 She loves to play on my keyboard.  So I say why not.
That is our music time for the morning. 
The other day she even found a feature on the keyboard that I didn't know we had.

 Loving that keyboard.

Mommy & Jaycee Day

This past Monday, Jaycee and I got to spend the whole day together.  I took the day off since we had some sitter conflicts, and I traded a day with my job-share partner.  This year has been so much fun working with her, b/c we are both in the same situation and we both get along really well.  Anyway, I had to run some errands that I usually put off until the weekend, and then I decided that since Jaycee was being really good, we would stop by the mall and see how the play area looked there.  At Towne East, there is an indoor play area, that I usually don't go to because there are always so many kids there, but today, there were only 3 other kids there beside Jaycee.  So we parked our stroller and I just let her go.  Here is the fun she had.

 She had a ton of fun, and then it was on to have lunch and a nap.  She took a really good nap that day.  I guess all that playing just plum tired her out.


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