Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg Hunt

This year we went on our first egg hunt as a family.  Last weekend, our neighbor called us the day before and invited us to an Easter Egg hunt.  I had been looking and keeping my eyes and ears open for one in the city, but didn't see or hear anything yet.  So her call came at just the right moment for us to take Jaycee on her first Egg Hunt.

Sunday after church, we came home for lunch and then headed out the our neighborhood park with basket and all to see what this Egg hunt was all about.

 So here she is walking to the park with her basket and all.

 She decided to swing for a while until the rest of the kids got there.
We do this a lot!!!

 These were all the kids in the neighborhood that joined in the fun.
Jaycee still doesn't know how to stay put for a picture.
We're working on that.  Ha ha!!!

 We didn't really think she would be fast enough to get any eggs really, but with her daddy's help, she found a few. 

This was her basket when she got home.

We know that egg hunts are not the real reason for Easter and we hope that everyone will know just how much Christ really does love us so much that he gave his life, but that he also lives and will return for us again one day.


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