Friday, August 6, 2010

Jaycee - 10 Months

I can hardly believe that she is already 10 months old.  The time has flown by!!!!  She has started to do so many new things and we are doing our best to keep up with her. 

Some new things that have happened in the last month are:

~  She now has 4 teeth.  This means that she is eating more and more food from the table that I cook instead of baby food.
~  She has a new carseat.  It is one that can go both rear or forward facing.  We had a hard time deciding on one we wanted.
~  She now knows how to scream when we aren't paying as much attention to her.  I hope that is not a sign of things to come.
~  She is all over the place.  We watch her like hawks now.  She is off and into mischief if we don't.
~  Books really calm her down, and she doesn't chew on them as much anymore.
~  We have to get a baby gate.  We have been waiting, but now she can crawl up those stairs.  Watch out world!!!
~  She had her first experience with being dunked into the pool.  She loved it!!!  My friend the swim teacher was next to me if I needed any help.
~  She absolutely loves to play "Where's Jaycee" with us!!!
~  She is learning how to be gentle with the dog, which by the way loves that she drops food for her.
~  And she has had her first moments of trying to walk.  She hasn't quite gotten it down yet, and when she realizes that she is not holding onto anything you can see this look of sheer puzzlement and she just plops down on her bottom.
~  She has had her first real bump on the head.  She cried so hard and wanted me to hold her for the rest of the afternoon.  (It's not really much of a story, just mommy trying to keep Jaycee and the dog seperated from each other b/c I dropped some food)
~ Lastly,  she is kind of saying a few words, or at least repeating them when we say them.  We have said "Uh, Oh" so much that she gets the "Uh" but not the "Oh".  She will learn.  We also have had so many people be so kind and generous and compliment us about some things we are doing with her and I say thank you all the time in front of her.  Tom and I also say thank you to each other in front of her a lot too.  On a good day and when she feels like it, she will repeat it.  But not always when we want her to.  I guess she just isn't a performer.

Well, I know that this next month will fly by since school will be starting.  She will be getting back into the routine of seeing her baby sitter and seeing her two little friends there.  It will also fly by because we will be a lot more busy, but it is a good routine for us to get into.

Next thing you know we will be planning her birthday party.  I have lots of ideas and just don't know which ones to pick.  Any advice is appreciated.


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