Friday, August 6, 2010

Mini Roadtrip Day 1

Not so much has happened in the last several weeks, but we did manage to take a mini road trip to visit some old college friends & family.  You may not know this, but Tom and I didn't actually meet in college.  You see he is 4 years older than me so he was living on his own before I finished college.  He went to Pittsburg State University, in Pittsburg, Ks.  He also has some relatives that live there that we stay with.  They live out in the country, so it gives us a change of pace. 

This weekend we decided that since we hadn't really gone anywhere this summer that we better go somewhere before school starts.  So we both decided that we would call our friends and see if they had plans for this weekend.  Everyone said that they were free and on Friday we headed out. 

Here is Jaycee in her new carseat before we left. 

However, before we headed out, Jaycee and I were invited to a baby play date with some people from church.  There were 5 of us moms and our baby girls.  It is amazing that all of us had girl babies.  They were so cute and fun to watch.  Most of them were not quite a year old yet, and Jaycee was really wanting to play with a CD that just didn't belong to her.  She was pretty persistent about it, but I tried really hard to get her mind on other things.

All of these women had their babies on the floor playing with all the great toys my friend Amy had for us.  It is amazing that all of us have just had girls in the last year and a half.

After our play date, the three of us headed out to southwestern Kansas.  Day one was filled with lots of driving in the heat of the day.  Our plans were to get there around 3:00 and hang out with Tom's aunt and uncle, then grill and then just hang out with their family.  Jaycee is usually shy and pretty quiet in new environments.  So to our surprise I was quite pleased that she was crawling all around the house looking for what kinds of mischief she could get into.  They had to put several things up out of her reach, but she did a pretty good job of staying in a large living room area most of the night.

This is Jaycee with Tom's uncle Rick.  He was reading her favorite book.

Also Jaycee loved this chair that had a massaging feature to it. 
I really think that she just liked the remote.

Later on in the evening after we had finished eating, Tom's cousins the Whites were going to the local fair.  They asked us if we wanted to come to a Demolition Derby.  I told Tom that he could go ahead and I would stay home with Jaycee, since racing is not really my thing.  Then Tom's aunt said that she would watch Jaycee for us so that I could go too.  We were pleasantly surprised.  We hadn't come for her to watch Jaycee.  I often feel weird about that, because I don't want to impose or make people feel like they have to watch her.  She is a pretty good baby, but lately with the teething issues, she can be pretty hard to comfort.  By the way she has a total of 4 teeth now.

So off to the Demo Derby we went.  It was not at all what I thought it would be.  I (the one who pretty much hates car racing) had a blast and thought that it was money well spent.  The cars are pretty much beat up old junkers and they line up in a row and put their cars in reverse and run into each other kind of like bumper cars.  Here are some pictures of it. 

That about wraps up day one of our trip.  I will tell you more about our trip when I get time.  I have already been on the computer too long today!!!


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