Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Madness!!!!

As most of you well know, we are huge basketball fans. Our favorite team has been the Kansas Jayhawks for as long as I can remember. We both grew up watching them on TV and have been fans ever since. It is so great to have married a man with that same interest and love for the sport as me.

This last week we were on spring break and were so much anticipating March Madness!!!! Little did we know that we would be a part of it. When we knew that the Jayhawks were going to be in OKC, we called my aunt and uncle and asked if they could watch Jaycee for a couple of hours and if we could stay overnight with them. They were so happy to get to spend time with little Jaycee (who by the way isn't so little anymore), and we got to go see a fun first round NCAA basketball game!!!

Here I am in front of the line to get into the arena.

Here is Tom in front of the lines too.
When we got into the arena, the first people we saw were our neighbors.
They snapped this photo of us, goofy as always!!!

Our favorite guard. Sherron Collins!!!!

The Morris twins and forwards!!!

Our favorite center. Cole Aldrich!!!

The whole team praciticing before the game.
Gathering together just before tip off!!!

The ending score!!! Yeah!!! Go Hawks!!!

Our seats were awesome. We were 3rd row from the top, but had a great view right at center court. We were also surrounded by some people that we knew and it was fun to cheer them on together. Even though they did not win their last game, we still love the KU Jayhawks!!!! I am just so sad that I don't get to watch them play until next November. I guess I will just have to get out and enjoy the nice warm weather. Hopefully there will be some of it.

Catch ya next time.


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