Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break!!!

We had a lot of down time this week for spring break. I loved being able to rest and sleep in if even just a little bit. I definitely deserved it. Jaycee is sleeping more and more at night these days, and is full of activity during the day. We loved getting to spend the days with her and just hanging out as a family together. We definitely needed the break.

Jaycee is doing so much these days. She can't quite roll over yet, but I am sure that the time is coming soon. She gets so close, but just can't figure out how to get her legs up underneath her to roll all the way over. She will make it though. She has been having a lot of fun sitting in the love seat. I rearranged the furniture one afternoon when she was taking a nap a few weeks before spring break, and she has a little corner where her toys are at. It has made things easier to reach for me. She likes sitting in the corner and playing with some soft squishy blocks that she got a long time ago. It is fun to see her playing with new things.
I wonder what she is thinking????

As you can see, she likes to drool.


We were able to go on a very short trip to Oklahoma City at the end of our spring break. The trip there was really a lot of fun and much needed for Tom and I.
As most of you know, we are huge basketball fans, especially KU. We were so excited that they were going to be playing somewhere pretty close. On that Sunday night when we heard that they would be playing in Oklahoma City, we got on the computer and looked for some cheap tickets. I didn't have too much hope for it, thinking that everyone would be doing the same thing as us, but to our luck, we found some pretty reasonably priced tickets and then went onto the KU website and found out the times and booked the tickets. I thought to myself, oh my, what have we done, but we got our tax refund a week earlier and decided that we would be able to go. My aunt and uncle live in OKC, so we thought that if they weren't too busy and could watch Jaycee, then we could have a date night. It all ended up working out.

Here is Jaycee just before we were leaving home to go. She slept most of the way.

Look to my next post for our pictures of the game!!!


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