Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Fun

This summer has turned out to be quite busy.  I couldn't for sure tell you what all has been occupying our time, but we've had a lot of family time and fun hanging out in our simple home. 
Earlier this summer, we took to the tradition of making our summer list again.  Summer has always been a time when we work on those projects that we don't get to during the school year because of lack of time or just not a time of year to work outside.  This has become a fun family event, and now that Jaycee is old enough to be able to include some thoughts and ideas, she had joined right along with us.  It is fun to hear what she thinks we should get done over the summer.  We started this tradition so that we would be more intentional with our time and not waste it away.  I must say that with me being a list person and Tom being very task oriented, this plan has been awesome for us!!!  There is something so great about checking off those things you plan to get done, and seeing what still needs to be done and planning our time to include those things.  Ahhhh!!!
So, here are a few things that we really wanted to accomplish this summer:
- Join YMCA                                                                          
- Garage organization
- Frisbee golf                                                                           
- Deep clean the house
- Dropzone area                                                                       
- Eat more fruit
- Attend kid's summer movies                                                 
- Visit friends
- Visit area water parks                                                            
 - Miles' birthday party
- Exercise (hence joining the YMCA)                                     
- Thrift stores
- Swimming lessons                                                                 
- Women's Bible study
- Library story times                                                                  
- Photo projects
- Parks and playgrounds                                                           
- Sewing projects
- Bake new recipes                                                                    
- Walk with friends
- Date Nights                                                                             
- Nature center
- Grandma's house                                                                    
- Softball
These are just a few of the things we have wanted to do this summer.  I would have loved to have gotten pictures of them all, but sometimes you just get to live life and the camera stays in the car/ purse.  That's just how it goes sometimes.  But I hope that my kids will remember the great times we spent this summer chillin' together.  We've had a lot of family together time.

 My little boy is really fast!!!!  He has just been growing like a weed, and I knew that walking would be next on the baby agenda.  Jaycee absolutely loves Miles (a little too much for his liking sometimes), and she has been wanting to help him learn to walk.  Maybe she thinks that he will have more interest playing with her if he starts to walk.

 One of the things we wanted to do this summer was to visit our local nature center.  Luckily for us, Great Plains Nature is close by.  I had been saving the heels of our bread.  You know the end pieces that we don't ever eat for just a time to feed the fish and any other animal that should happen to come along.

We ended up seeing more turtles than anything else.



We also decided to take this time to let Miles get out of the stroller and practice his walking, with a little help.  He has been doing awesome at this whole walking thing.  I'm not in a big hurry for him to walk, b/c I will be chasing him that much more, but it is fun to see him learn and grow.  



This duck jumped right up on top of the railing and was not scared at all. 


It was so cute to see how this Mama duck took care of her babies.


Another huge turtle.


What a cheesy grin!!!

There is still more summer fun to be had, and this is just a little snippet of what we do all day. 
The internet and digital photos have not been friendly to me very much and as I become frustrated, I tend to give up for a while until I get the nerve to figure out the problems.  Mainly, I use nap times to do these things, and when that time is very precious, I usually find other things that are more pressing of my time.  Keep reading an following us and I will really try to be more consistent about the updates.
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