Friday, May 16, 2014

April 2014


This year for Easter, we didn't do too much.  It was rather nice to have an afternoon together as a family.  I did find a cute dress for Jaycee and little one piece outfit for Miles.  The bargain hunter that I am, I bought Jaycee's dress and cardigan for $15 together.  Miles' outfit was a hand me down from a friend.  Gotta love those hand me downs. 

This month Miles started to do lots of things.  A while ago, I had a hard time getting him to sit up.  I think he was a little too round in the middle to bend that way.  But he quickly learned that sitting up gave him a new vantage point to look at and play with his toys.  He also discovered Legos this month and loves them.

We have been trying some new discipline ideas lately.  I remember that when I was little my parents put me to work.  Forget sending me to my room, my parents would send me to my dad's shop to work by stripping a chair or couch.  My dad reupholsters furniture, so he got a little of his work done and we got time to adjust our attitudes.  We decided to try this with Jaycee.  Here she is picking up sticks and other trash that tends to end up in our yard on trash day.  It seems that when the trash truck comes, what doesn't get in the truck gets in our yard.


Several months ago, I think I made a post about Jaycee's pictures.  Here are a few of her favorite things to take pictures of with my camera. 


My mom, aka Grandma Walker

My dad, aka Grandpa Walker

Tom's mom, aka Grandma Ehrlich

Grandma Walker again
We also dedicated Miles this month.  Our church does things kind of differently.  Twice a year, they have a special night in which anyone who wants to dedicate their babies can.  This night is a lot of fun and special for the families.  They have a time where they share a verse for their child, and the meaning of their names.  They also have a time where they talk about prayer partners.  These are people who are special to the family and will commit to pray for the family and children.  Our wonderful friends Travis and Meagan Wells are those people for us.  We met them right before losing Caden, and didn't know how amazing their friendship would be to us.  We feel like we can just be ourselves with them, and our kids' act like brothers and sisters together.  They are a great family.

 Now that Miles is moving around a lot, I think Jaycee is really liking it.  He is more interactive with her and she can do things with him besides just look at him.  She loves it when she makes him laugh, and get in his face.  Sometimes she gets a little too close.  One thing that I love watching her do is trying to read him a book.  Miles loves books, but won't leave it alone to actually read it. 

Jaycee and I got our toes painted together.  I found this place close to our house that would do mine for a pretty reasonable price and did her for $10.  Jaycee got a hold of my camera again and decided that my toes were the subject for those pictures that day.

I love this.

I also wanted to capture how silly and fun my kids really are.  Jaycee is hilarious sometimes.  Now I know why Miles is laughing at her a lot.

Another one of Jaycee's pictures.
 The rest of the pictures are just some fun pictures of my kids.  They sure do love each other.

Pulling himself up.  Growing up so fast!!!

April was a lot of fun!!!


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