Sunday, July 21, 2013

Random Days of Summer

I thought for this post, I'd just show you some random things about our summer.  This year our summer has been filled with so many projects and things to get done before we have the baby, that I haven't spent much time sharing some random pictures of our summer.  Well, we haven't done many exciting things this summer.  Taking a yearly trip was out for this year, maybe in the fall, but we have been out in the yard and spending time with the people we love.

Jaycee has been quite the poser for pictures.  She loves to see what I took a picture of right afterwards.  That is the great thing about digital pictures.  Here are some pictures of the flowers in our front yard.  Jaycee seemed fascinated with them when they started to bloom.  Sometime earlier in the spring, we planted these flowers and then had a late hail storm that I thought destroyed them.  What a wonderful surprise to see them coming up this summer.  The flowers have since blown away in the Kansas wind, but they sure were beautiful for quite a while.

What's with the face?

She has been putting her hands in front of her eyes for pictures lately.  So sad, we want to see her beautiful face.

Trying to smell the flowers.


Baby Shower

This summer I have been blessed to have a friend that is pregnant also.  We are actually due on the same day.  It has been kind of exciting.  She already has two boys and is having a girl this time and we are having a boy.  It has been fun to swap clothes with her and share in the journey of being pregnant together.  We both are part of a Monday Night Bible Study and the girls in that study threw us a diaper shower.

I thought that since I get some of my Thirty-One stuff at a discounted price I would get her a bag that she could use with her new little girl.  It is so much fun to shop for a little girl, but what is more fun is being able to give my friend some things that I know she can use soon.  Here is a gift that I gave her with some diapers, cute little outfits, and some other things that she needed.  I really can't wait to see her baby's room and how she uses this bag.  Glad I could help. 

Then the Bible Study girls met us at Carlos O'Kelley's for a night of celebration and great food.  Mexican food has really been sounding good lately.

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