Sunday, January 23, 2011


This winter has been really strange.  It started out being not so chilly, and then has lately become really cold.  We have not had much time to get out and do much, but we did have the chance to experience snow for the first time last week.  Even though Tom and I didn't get a snow day, we were glad that those days were not so stressful and full.  We did try to get out a little bit to see what Jaycee thought about the snow.  This snow was not the greatest for building a snowman.  It was quite powdery and fluffy, but it sure did make things looks all nice and white around here.

We bundled Jaycee up and decided that we would head out in the snow one day afterschool.  I was getting tired of not being able to do much outside, so we just headed out to explore. 

Here is Jaycee all bundled up right before heading outside. 
She doesn't walk very well with her heavy coat on, but she looks so cute and funny.

Jaycee had just gotten done putting her hand in the snow.  Not sure she liked it too much.

 Here are several pictures of our afternoon adventures with snow.  We didn't stay out too long.  Tom and I are both wimps when it comes to the cold.  But it was fun none the less.

 We attempted to use a rubbermaid tub as a sled.  It's too bad that this was not sledding snow. 
 I think it would have been a lot of fun.

Well, I actually hope that it snows again.  I know I'm not big on cold, but it would be fun to go sledding with my little family.  I also would love to see Jaycee's reaction to making snowballs.  She loves playing with balls.  We have more pictures to come soon.


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Chad and Jody said...

It's so fun to see our little ones in the snow for the first time. It's like watching them go in the grass for the first time. There were lots of tears from all the few times we've been out in the snow this winter!