Sunday, January 23, 2011


My grandma on my mom's side lives on a farm.  It is a place where I have many memories of hard work.  When my family first moved to Kansas, we went to my grandma's to do a lot of the gardening and outside work, especially in the summer.  The thing I remember most about my grandma's house is that she had a watermelon patch.  To me as a kid I thought it was huge!!!  But in reality, I think that it was just normal for a watermelon patch that is.

Anyway, we didn't get to have those delicious watermelons this year, and that part of my grandma's has fallen to my youngest cousins.  We do have great times there though, and this January had Christmas with my grandma.  We thought it would be a little less hectic after December so that everyone's lives would settle down a little after the holidays.

One of the best things about my grandma's is that everyone makes such awesome food.  We had a lot to choose from.  The meal consisted of chili, soup, hot wings (boy were they spicy), jello salad, lots of yummy desserts such as custard pie, cake, peanut logs, candy, and much more.  We were absolutely stuffed when we left. 

There are several little cousins under the age of 5 and they all got gifts.  Since most of them are boys, my mom decided that they needed some balls.  That made for a lot of fun entertainment for us all.  Jaycee and her boy cousins were throwing all of the balls all over the house.  It was lots of fun.  I was kind of wary of it, since it wasn't our own house, but no one else seemed to mind. 

Another fun thing that we do at grandma's is play games.  We learned a game called SET, at least I think that is what it was called.  It was kind of hard until you got the hang of it.  There were also some games on TV and everyone enjoyed talking and catching up. 

Overall we had a great time at grandma's.  I look forward to Easter.

So have I told you Jaycee likes to help with chores?  Well, she found the broom and decided that she needed to start cleaning up.  Hopefully she'll be that cooperative in the future.

This is her second cousin.  They are only a month apart.
As you can tell, neither one of them wants to share.

More Sweeping!!!


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