Tuesday, December 14, 2010


 This year the Christmas card thing has snuck up on me.  While I wanted to have an absolutely cute card to send out to all of our family and friends, I just have had a lot of other stuff occupying my time these days.  I did happen to find a really cute card that was short, sweet, and to the point from Shutterfly.  I have really liked using Shutterfly for alot of our cards, gifts, and special memories.  It is a great way to send things to people far away and close by.  I have made different cards, birthday invitations, and announcements using Shutterfly.  I also really like that they give you lots of promotional discounts once you use them.  I get lots of email promo codes and coupons from them consistently letting me know of the latest styles and projects that I can send as gifts. 

Here is the card that I picked for this year.  You can choose from several styles here. I chose this card because it was short sweet and to the point.  Also, it made our pictures look really good and they fit well in this design.  We took these pictures right before Jaycee's first birthday and this is the perfect opportunity to show them off.

I also created a card for Jaycee's 1st birthday party.  Click here to learn how you can make one like this too.  

Here are a couple of Father's Day cards that I made for Tom and Jaycee's grandpas.  It was fun to do this.

I also made this really neat Mother's Day card for Jaycee's grandmas.

Last year I decided for Christmas to get mine and Tom's parents a calendar of Jaycee so far.  While she was only 2 months old at the time, I dressed her up as best as I could and made a year long calendar.  I also made on for myself too.  I still have it, but I need to get started making a new one for 2011.  What grandparent wouldn't love a calendar filled with their grandchildren's memories?
Well, there is more to come.  The month of December has been busy already and I am sure that I will use Shutterfly for my photo gift needs.  If you hurry, you can make some of the things I have shown you today too.


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joy Wright said...

love the Christmas letter. Jaycee is just soooo adorable. love you guys. Joy Wright