Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random Stuff

 This week we did a lot of just random stuff.  We had a couple of things planned, but just hung out this week.  I enjoy not having too much to do, but I also love seeing Jaycee experience things for the first time too.  She has such expression when something is new to her. 

The week started out with Tom looking for a summer job.  He loves his summers off, but every summer by the end of it he usually asks me "What have I accomplished this summer?"  I think that the summer itself is a big reward for hanging out with those kids all year long.  We love it, and can't imagine having another career right now, but a couple of weeks into the summer, and Tom starts to get projects and ideas in his head.  We are both that way.  Well anyway, he picked up a Sunday paper and on Monday went all over Wichita applying for jobs.  On his way to different places, he ran across a place that makes custom windows, doors, cabinets, etc. for houses.  He thought that he would just go in and see if they needed any help for the summer.  Bear in mind that this place was not on his list of places to apply.  I thought that was pretty bold of him and pretty courageous too.  Since it is woodworking, that is right up his alley, and he can practice up on his skills for the kids next year.  He returned home and told me that he was interviewed right on the spot and the guy would call him back soon.  Shortly after he got home, he received a phone call and was offered a job.  Hooray!!!  I am so proud of him. 


 This week I made some more baby food.  One of the things that has really saved our budget is making Jaycee's baby food and not having to buy it.  It is so expensive!!!  I also really love using my cheap version of a Magic Bullet.   I also just really have fun making baby food.  It is something that I NEVER thought I would do.   

 Here are the baby foods that I made this week. 
I use ice cube trays and just blend the veggies and freeze them.
When I'm done, I put them in freezer bags and they last for about a month.

 I made mixed veggies and carrots.  Those are Jaycee's favorites.
I also made applesauce with some very tart apples. 
I froze those and let Jaycee suck on the frozen ones because they seem to help her teeting issues.

Here is what my kitchen looked like when I finished.  I am pretty much a clean as you go cook, but not lately. 
My sink gets pretty full these days and so does the dishwasher.  


My dog's name is Mollie.  She kind of gets put on hold lately because of the baby.  We are working on  that.  She really is a good dog.  She loves Jaycee when there is no food around.  I try to have Jaycee feed Mollie treats so that Mollie will see that the baby gives her good things.  Jaycee usually wants to eat her treats, but Mollie is very patient with her, and will sit on her if she wants something from her.  They will be quite the pair as Jaycee gets older.

 Mollie's favorite thing to do is to look for rabbits. 
If we ever have a rabbit invasion, I think we're well covered!!!
She is looking out our window to see if any rabbits are out there.  She will spend hours doing this!!!


Just recently Jaycee got a foam chair shaped like a dalmation dog.  It is so soft and squishy.  She really likes it and it gives her a new adventure.  We kind of created a small "house" or barrier for her to play in that doesn't have too many ways for her to get hurt.  We are still new to the whole baby-proofing thing.  We are kind of doing it as we go.  I guess that is just how it will have to be for a while until we learn what Jaycee really likes to get into. 

Here she is trying to get herself up into the little foam doggie chair.  So cute!!!

 This is the little "house" area that we set up for her.  Along the back of the
foam doggie chair is a wall.  She has tried to pull herself up along it, but falls.
                                         She will get the hang of it one of these days. 

On Friday after we went swimming at a friend's house, Jaycee was wiped out. 
I brought her in and sat her on the new foam chair while I put my stuff away for a minute.  She fell asleep and stayed like that for about an hour.  I hope that it didn't do any damage.

She looks so uncomfortable, but I guess kids can sleep in all kinds of positions.
She is so peaceful when she sleeps.  I thought the flash would wake her up, but not today.

It has been so hard for me to get her to smile or look at the camera.  I try, but by the time the picture takes, she is looking the other way, or has moved.  These two pictures were fun, at least I thought.  The first one is when she is watching Tom sneak up behind me and make a silly face that I usually make at her, she really gets a giggle out of the funny faces that we do for her.

The second picture is when she actually looked at the camera and stayed that way until I could snap the picture.  I can definitely tell how much she has changed there.  She isn't so little anymore!!!  (Boo Hoo)  This was right after she ate.  I think she was happy to have a full tummy.

This is sure turning out to be a fun summer!!!  Keep checking back with us!!!

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Jen said...

You are my hero!! I want to make my own baby food too. It's cheaper and at least you know exactly what's in it.