Monday, November 2, 2009


Today Caden would have been 2 years old. It hardly seems like it has been that long. So much has happened since then, but on the other hand, we think about him everyday. We wonder what he would be like, what kind of attitude would he have had, how would our family have been different than it is now, and so much more.

Just this morning, we were going back through some of the things that we had gotten after we left the hospital without him. We never thought that we would be having to plan a memorial for our first child. I started thinking back to that time and how I have changed so much and how really our lives have been turned around as a result.
As we were looking back through Caden's things, we remember Agape Care Cradle and how much they helped us to get through the worst moment of our lives. I honestly never thought that I would be able to live my life again. That first year seemed like it took forever and I just wanted something to be happy about again, but the sadness would not leave me. I hated that!!!
Now looking back, I realize that my tears are not for Caden. He is in the best place possible, but they are for us, the ones left behind. We will never be able to see what kind of person he might have been. Jaycee will not know her big brother. But what I do know is that God is taking care of him for all of us, and that Caden is watching us everyday providing an extra shield of protection for our family.

So today I just wanted to honor our first child, Caden Everett Ehrlich and to let him know that even though he is not here with us, he will never be forgotten.

We Love you Caden!!!!

Tom, Mira, & Jaycee


Amy said...

I had this day on my calendar and thought of you often during the day. I know it must have been hard. Jaycee will never take the place of Caden, but I am so glad you have her to hold and snuggle with now. You have come so far in two years, it's amazing. Blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

This was special to read. So glad you were able to make it to Bible study on Caden's birthday. We loved having you. -Trisha Logan