Monday, September 28, 2009

Coming Soon!!!!

So I haven't had much time to blog as we are getting ready for this new girl to enter our lives. We have had a couple more biophysical profiles that are making sure that she is growing at a good rate and that she is moving and staying safe until she decides to join us.

So far everything is looking really good, my health is really good, and my anxiety levels are really good. I was talking to a friend just last week about how this pregnancy is so different and has given me so much peace. The only way to explain that is GOD. He knew what he was doing when he put me at this place in my life at this time. I often would wonder why certain things happened the way they do and the timing, b/c I certainly would have chosen something different for myself, but He has walked with Tom and I in such a very real way that instead of being more anxious and more worried about myself and this baby, we have really relied on GOD and have been able to TRUST him in ways that I never thought were possible again. It is amazing how much GOD really does love us and how close he has held Tom and I through our whole grief period and uncertainties about where life would be taking us.

Today we had another biophysical profile and Dr. appointment. The movements and everything else that they were looking for in the sonogram were great, and the Dr. said that I was progressing quite nicely. He even told me a date to be ready to come in to see if I was even more ready to have this baby. Well, later on today the nurse called me back and scheduled a time for me to be induced. I now have a for sure date that we will go into the hospital. While a part of that scares me, I am relieved that the Dr. wants to ease my anxiety and allow Tom and me to bring home a healthy baby.

So on October 7th, whatever it is that you might be doing, say a small prayer for our family and this little girl who will be coming into this world.

Tom & Mira
& soon to be baby!!!


Darci said...

I am so excited for both you and Tom, Mira! God is so good!! He is always faithful - even when it's hard to see what he's doing. I will be praying for you, Tom, and this precious little gift now and on Oct. 7th! Can't wait to see her face! Love to you both!

Anonymous said...

SOOO Excited for you guys!! I will be praying and can't wait to see pics of your newest family member!!!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you! Sending prayers your way!
Emily Dalke

Anonymous said...

Mira...I told Tom tonight at conferences, I was so happy for you both, but I also wanted to tell you.
I will be thinking about you both and saying a little prayer for your newest addition on Wednesday.
God is faithful and good!!
Jonni Brown

Anonymous said...

One week! So anxious to see this baby girl! I will be praying for you and Tom this week- I hope it goes fast for you. Have you thought about doing something special with Tom this weekend, as it's your last weekend together before the next phase?