Friday, October 26, 2012

Veggie Tales Live

For the last almost four years, we have been going to Central Christian Church.  It is a non-denominational church that is really large.  At first the size of the church intimidated me, but we have slowly been finding our niche.  There are a lot of things geared for kids, and the last year and a half we have been going to a family Bible study on Wednesday nights.  I have also had the opportunity to volunteer in the class that Jaycee goes to and was able to start working for the church about 10 hours a week. 

Sometime in September, our church started selling Veggie Tales Live tickets.  There was a poster up by where we check Jaycee in, and she always wanted to look at it and would get so excited.  I asked about it, and to my surprise, the church was able to sell the tickets for $10 a piece.  I thought that was pretty good.  You know that I am all about getting a good deal.  We thought that since the concert was in October, that we would get that for Jaycee's birthday.  Since her birthday is at the beginning of October, we have had to wait quite a while before we could go, but tonight we finally got to see it.


We had a great time.  I was so glad that we got to take her to see it.  I was surprised though, b/c she sat on my lap the whole time except during the intermission.  I think that I actually knew more of the songs than she did.  But it was a lot of fun.
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