Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumkin Patch

Well, it's October.  This month seems to hit me like a ton of bricks sometimes.  The beginning of the month is filled with having a little girl's birthday party right at the beginning of the month.  Then all of the fall activities start coming.  One of the things that I really never thought that I would like or even do when I became a parent was to go to a Pumpkin Patch.  When you don't have kids, it just isn't really too exciting.  We went last year to a place in El Dorado, and had a lot of fun, but we thought we would try someplace new this year.  We had a little bit of a break and spent our time resting and seeing the grandparents on both Tom's and my sides.  That turned out to be fun but really spur of the moment too. 

Well, we looked up several pumpkin patches online and decided that we would go the Applejack Pumpkin Patch.  It is only about 15-20 minutes from our house.  We chose a Saturday so that we could maybe invite some friends to hang out with us, but it seems that most people already had plans.  So it was just the 3 of us today.

When we first got there, we realized that it was quite the place.  The parking lot was really full, but not nearly as it was when we left.  We headed out around 10:30 so that we could beat the rush.  Not so sure that we did that.

Applejack Pumpkin Patch

Getting Jaycee to look at the camera was kind of tough.

But we were able to get a few shots of us with her.

Duck Races

The first thing that we saw when we got in were these duck races.  You use an old-fashioned hand water pump to get the duck from one end of the tray to the other.  This was really fun b/c Jaycee loves anything that has to do with water.  The hard thing about a two year old is getting her to explore new things.  Everytime that we tried to head off to a new area to play, she started to cry and wanted to stay.  I guess we can't really blame her.  She sure was having a lot of fun.

Me trying to show Jaycee how the water pump works.

She got the hang of it, but just didn't pump the water fast enough.

Playground Fun

There was also a backyard play area for all of the kids.  This was for mostly kids Jaycee's age and older.  There were tons of kids out there.  It was a gorgeous day.  Jaycee seemed to really love the teeter-totter.


Jaycee is pretty fearless about most things, but she would not go down this rocketship slide without some help.  Tom and I had to basically pull her down b/c the line behind her was getting backed up.

Loves the animals.  She kept wanting to pick up these chickens. 

 Trampoline Thingy w/ Daddy

Bouncing trampoline thing.  Daddy and Jaycee had a blast on this.  It was a good thing too, b/c it wore Jaycee out for the rest of the day.  She stayed pretty calm after we settled her down from leaving it.  It was just too much fun!!!

Look at the little acrobat go!!!


Jaycee has recently shown us her love of trains.  My parents live across the street from a train and when I was growing up I never really thought that it was anything special.  But Jaycee was super excited to see the train passing by their house.  I think maybe a train set is in her future sometime soon.  Anyway, there was a tractor train here too.  We stayed here the longest.  After one ride was over, she went back in line and got right on again.  We were at this part for a good 15 minutes or longer.

She loved the caboose.

Lovin every minute of it!!!

Just sittin back and relaxin.

Here is the whole train.  So cute.

 Corn Maze

There was a little corn maze that we wanted to let Jaycee lead us through, but she wasn't too impressed by it.  I think it was b/c it took her away from the train.  She was kind of sad after that, but she still went through it even though she was crying.

I got out the camera and this is what she did.  So sad.

Back to the train, but this time only to look at it and watch it go by.

 Picking Pumpkins

Really I did all the picking.  Jaycee pointed out a lot of pumpkins to me.  I decided that we only needed three for our family.  I think that we are going to paint or draw on them with markers. I'm not sure.  If you know how to decorate a pumpkin without carving it, please do tell.    By this time we were all a little tired and ready to head back home for a nap. 

Jaycee did a great job of holding onto our pumpking for us.

The day was really great.  We saw some people that we knew there, and it was a beautiful day.  Hopefully tonight we will have little pumkin faces sitting on our front porch.


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