Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Cards

A while back I shared with you that this whole Christmas card thing just snuck up on me pretty quickly and I am so in procrastination mode right now.  Things seem to be happening so fast these days.  It really needs to slow down.  I am SO grateful to have a break to just relax with family and hopefully visit some old friends I haven't seen in a while.

One of my last posts talked about how I used Shutterfly to order my Christmas cards.  I loved using them because I was able to get a really simple card that said Merry Christmas.  While my procrastination will not get those cards out by Christmas, it is simply the thought that counts.

One other really cool thing about getting my cards from Shutterfly is that they ran a promotion at that time and I was able to get all of my photo Christmas cards FREE!!!!  That's right you heard me.  FREE!!!  The only thing I had to pay for was shipping, which really wasn't bad at all.  I got 50 FREE Christmas cards and am able to hand out some to the people that I will see in a few days and send out all the rest to people that I don't get to see very much at all. 

So be on the look out for some simple, but way late Christmas cards from us coming soon.


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