Monday, November 1, 2010


I am way behind on my blogging.  The month of October has been really busy for all of us.  You would think with having some extra days off, I would have some time to blog, but no!!! 

The beginning of the month was spent getting ready for Jaycee's big 1 year birthday party.  I had a lot of fun making her cake and organizing what we would plan for that day.  I like to do things like that when I have the time.  She got a lot of fun big girl toys and gets them out everyday and spreads them all over the floor.  Our floor pretty much is like a tornado went through our house everyday.  But I would rather it be that way then have to clean it up 5 times a day.

After her birthday, Jaycee became quite familiar with the camera.  I think that she got so used to people and us taking her picture so much that she learned how to cheese it up.  Now (most of the time anyway), she will make a cheese face when the light of the camera goes off.  What a little ham we have on our hands.


We had a week where we had a long weekend and had a short fall break from school.  We decided to go to the pumpkin patch.  I thought this would be something different that we don't normally do, and I have been seeing ads for pumpkin patches all the time so I thought we would try one.  Tom the resourceful guy that he is even found coupons for us.  So we went to Walter's Pumpkin Patch.  There was a lot of stuff to do, but mostly Jaycee just wanted to push her stroller.  I kept thinking that we could have done that at home.  Oh well, that is the mind of a one year old for ya.

They had a bouncy trampoline like pillow that Jaycee loved.

Tom decided to try the slides.  He said they were quite bumpy.

Jaycee sort of picked out her pumpkin.


Jaycee became quite acquainted with some of her new toys.  The legos are a special treat for us all.  She loves to watch me build something and put it together only to knock it down right when I finish.  I love it though, because she looks as if she is wondering what in the world I am building and then laughs when it falls over.  She will be across the room and see me build something and then here she comes running to knock it over.  I love it!!!

The day before Halloween, she got a cute little spooky shirt.  That day was absolutely beautiful.  We as a family decided to take a really long walk and go to the park close to our house.  There is a swing that she loves there.  I captured a few of her favorite times on Saturday!!! 

We had a lot of fun in October and this only captures a short moment of it, but we enjoyed being able to have some time off and to hang out together.  I have more Halloween memories to come.  I have yet to sort through all of the pictures yet.


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Courtm said...

Thanks for the picts! She has the greatest smile!