Friday, May 21, 2010

What's Next???

School is finally over, and I am wondering what do I do now?  It seems like I have been going non-stop since this school started.  Then when you throw in a baby, housework, dog, husband, and my endless brain keeps coming up with ideas for projects for myself, it seems like I still have so much to do.  I am really amazed at myself that I have been able to do what I have done and have survived another year of teaching.  There were times that I thought it might do me in.  But God continues to show me what is really important and then I gain an all new perspective on life once again. 

As I am thinking about what the plans are for our summer, I have found this awesome new website that I absolutely think is right up my alley.  Most of you know that I dabble in lots of things and try to keep myself busy.  I mostly like to use the creative side of myself to do nice and thoughtful things for others.  So many people have done incredible things for us over the years, that I just want to show the same kindness that was given to us.

 I already have my first project that I want to try, and since it is so close to summer, I think it is a perfect idea for me to get started.  Who knows, maybe you might be reaping the rewards of my projects (only if they turn out alright).  I got this idea off of a new website that I recently ran across last weekend while I was sitting inside while it was raining.  This website has become one of my new favorites.  It is called Make It and Love It.  It has a lot of ideas and projects that you can make or do on your own.  There are also lots of really great pictures and directions that I can actually understand.  My first project to try is these interchangeable flip flops.  I LOVE flip flops and really don't wear anything else during the summer.  There is something about having freedom and air on your feet that just makes me feel so good all over. 

This is the first project that I want to try this summer.  It looks like a lot of fun, and not too difficult for me to do.  I will have to get out my sewing machine again, but it will be fun for me. 

I should really say that this will be my 2nd project that I will be trying.  My first one was a cake that I made for a teacher at my school's baby shower.  She really didn't have a theme, so a few of us kind of picked out a rainbow theme that would still be cute.  I took a few cake decorating classes the year after Tom and I were first married, but haven't really gotten a chance to make anything of real significance until this year.  I wanted to do something nice for her, b/c she helped me out at such a heartbreaking time of my life that I wanted to do something that would let her know how much she means to me and how very happy I am for her and her new baby that will be here soon.

This cake I found on another one of my new favorite sites:  Coolest Birthday Cakes I did it a little differently than what I saw, but this was such a fun cake and I really enjoyed making it.  I love doing stuff like that for people.  I wish that I could do things like this more often and that I wasn't such a perfectionist about it.  I tend to take a really long time making these things, but I guess that if I get more practice I will get better at managing my time.  Oh well, what counts is that it was super cute and super fun, and my friend loved it.

 Another bright idea I had was to organize my pictures and categorize them by months.  I have been so far behind in getting my pictures organized.  We have taken so many pictures this year of Jaycee and other stuff that has happened this year, but I just don't get to organize them like I want to these day as quickly as I would like to.  I wanted to
have  pictures that would show the first year of her life and the
changes that she has made.  Each month I haveadded
pictures to my computer, but haven't really done anything
with them.  Here is what I have so far as pictures go.

These are pictures that have some fun text on them of Jaycee at different stages of her life. As you can see she still doesn't have a lot of hair, and it is blonde. Crazy I know!!!! This is something that I have been meaning to do, but as you can see I have a busy life filled with lots of things I love. Hopefully you will see more of my projects as I get them done. I really hope that one day I can do some of these things with Jaycee she gets older and can help me. I really want her to enjoy projects and hanging out with her mama.


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Beki - TheRustedChain said...

She is absolutely gorgeous.

I love the rolls on her little arms!

Happy crafting this summer! :)