Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby Dedication & Other Random Stuff

Just last weekend we decided to have Jaycee dedicated at church. Since we have been going to Central Christian, we haven't quite known how to go about doing that. It is such a huge church, that they have been having a seperate service for dedications. They have only done it a couple of times since we have been going there. We thought that now was a good time to dedicate Jaycee to the Lord and follow God's plans for us to raise her to know and love him. We wanted to have something to celebrate with her.
So, Jaycee was dedicated Sunday night, April 25th at 5:00 pm. The church also asked us to have prayer partners that would sit behind us as a sign of support for us and to continue to support us along the parenting journey. We asked Travis & Meagan Wells to be our prayer partners. They have supported & prayed for us through so much already.
We really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of the service, and that it didn't matter if Jaycee made any noises. Lately, I have been having to take her out into the foyer after the singing is over, b/c she starts to coo, ooh, and ah and just plain talk and stuff whenever pastor starts to preach. Her and I usually walk around and listen to the service out in the hallways where it is quiet, but also doesn't matter if she gets noisy either. We haven't quite gotten used to taking her to the nursery yet, but I am sure we will cross that bridge when it comes. Here are some pictures of her dedication and some other random stuff that we have been doing lately.

The three of us right after her dedication service.

Both of our families.

Jaycee sitting on her daddy's lap before we had to go up to the stage.

The three of us and Pastor Bryce.


Random Stuff

We went to visit our friends the Williams and their new baby Corbin.
Jaycee is really starting to notice Mollie. She just loves it when Mollie comes near her.

Jaycee and Great Grandpa Froese.


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Chad and Jody said...

Looks like a great day, Mira. Jaycee is beautiful, just like her mommy!