Saturday, March 6, 2010

What's Happening?????

Our lives have kind of been boring lately. Not too much going on. We have really been into all the basketball lately, and Jaycee has been lovin' it too. I think that she enjoys the action and movement. I hope someday we can play in the driveway with her, but not too soon!!! We don't want her to grow up too quickly!!!

We have still been praying about God's direction for our lives, and what doors he may open and close. I have decided to just lay those concerns and worries at God's feet. That has really helped. Somehow I just know that God knows what is best for me and my family, and with that I am going to trust in his plans for us. I have really seen that when I cast my cares on HIM, He guides me. It may not be in the way that I was expecting, but still gives me guidance and hope. When I put my full trust in Him, He will provide and I will be OK. It hasn't been easy to do that, but with a lot of prayer on my part and on the part of my amazing family and friends, God never leaves me by myself.

Well, this is really too short, but we have been busy, tired, & just hanging in there, doing us. There isn't much else to say. So, hopefully I will have more next time.


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